Raw feeding I believe has played a significant part in the turning around of the behaviour of one of my dogs.

He was very aggressive towards other dogs. I was prepared to give anything to try and changed his diet form one of the supreme dry dog foods to raw chicken carcass with a little fruit and vegetables and table scraps. Over a period of a few weeks his aggression levels dropped and levelled out. He now enjoys a much more relaxed life with other dogs we have been able to introduce into our household.

All four of my dogs are fed raw food - chicken carcass, fruit, and vegetables. Their teeth get cleaned by the food they eat; their coats are glossy; their weight is easily managed and they are healthy and happy.

Raw feeding might sound a bit complicated - it is not. Raw feeding might sound expensive - it is not. AND it can improve some existing health conditions thereby saving you even more money on vet care.

Raw feeding is easy to manage and makes perfect sense once you think about it.

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For several years we have recommended Keith to many of our clients for a variety of canine behavioural problems as well as general training. We also recommend the feeding of Raw Food for a number of clinical conditions with positive results.

Holme Veterniary Centre, Honley, Huddersfield

It always used to surprise me just how much "stuff" used to come out of my old Labrador. Too late for him I learned that, like many dog owners, I was feeding him rubbish. Dogs simply cannot digest much of what is in commercial dog food so of course it goes straight through them. With my German Shepherd,Mitsi, the problem was getting her to eat it in the first place. She just wasn't interested. That's when I tried her with raw food and in two days I was convinced. Not only did she really like the food but you could clearly see that she could digest it properly. She is a rescue dog and there were problems with coprophagia and soiling the house. Raw food definitely helped sort this out. Two years on and she still loves her food, her teeth are perfect and her toilet behaviour impeccable.

Simon Salter - Rotherham