In an attempt to start you thinking and making your own choices I have put together a short ?fact list? for you to consider.

And they are ?facts? not just my opinion.

A dog?s digestive system has not changed in thousands of years and is designed, by nature to thrive on raw meat, bone and offal.

Dogs find it much harder to digest grain based foods than meat and bone. And the vast majority of today?s commercial dog food is grain based.

Most commercial dog food also contains additives, flavourings, preservatives and colourings.And it is cooked to help your dog digest it, thus destroying much of the goodness in the food.

Dogs fed on commercial dog food produce more waste than raw fed dogs. Proof that much of what you feed does not get digested.

Commercial dog food causes gum disease and bad teeth. Both of which will create bacteria that infects your dog's system.