I have been attending Keith's classes for 5 years and I can honestly say that the relationship between me and my dogs has never been stronger.

Jennifer, Leeds

Keith's teaching style is honest and practical. I continue to learn a great deal from him.

David, Barnsley

Our rescued Staffi Cross English Bull could turn from a loving, laid back lump into a raging and frightening fighting machine just by attaching his lead and taking him out of our property. We were not made aware of his problems at adoption stage but within a very short time we had to admit we were struggling. Walks in in the park were a nightmare experience rather than a pleasurable one. Other dog walkers kept their distance. We needed help and that help came from Keith Dickinson. He helped me to take my dog from an animal that had no tolerance of other dogs into a dog who now happily shares his life with three dogs that been slowly but permanently introduced into the household, dogs who come to visit and the dogs he meets during his walks.

The training classes certainly played a big part in the transformation but socialisation walks and a change in diet were significant too.

As I live in Sheffield Keith was not my first choice, but a Sheffield based "dog trainer" advised me over the phone (never seen my dog) that I should have him put to sleep! I reckon just about anyone can train a well behaved dog but it requires someone special to take the time and effort to turn around the behavious of a challenging dog.

The choices are there for you to make, don't make the wrong one. Contact Keith Now.

Hal - Sheffield

I have taken both my GSDs to Keith's classes over the last few years and I have also called Keith on occasions out of class time for advice over behaviourial issues I might have been struggling with at the time. Keith always has the time to discuss in full any problems dog owners may have and gives valued advice.
Both my dogs massively benefitted from training. I have found that attending Keith's classes has made me better and a more competent dog handler, and my dogs have been calmer, happier and more secure for it. I am very pleased that I can take my current dog anywhere with me and people comment on what a well behaved boy he is. I never hesitate to recommend Keith to other dog owners.

Natalie Callender with Huey

I attended Keith's puppy classes with my border terrier Molly and found them very helpful, we progressed and now attend weekly dog obedience classes. I find even more interesting it not only brings the best out of your dog it benefits the owner in so many ways by dog training.

Jeff Smith

My rescue dog, Mitsi, was completely out of control. After months in various rescue kennels she was on her last chance. I thought I knew dogs but after two weeks she had bitten several people, trashed the garden and was using the house as a toilet. If she even saw another dog she would charge it immediately, uncontrollably and viscously. When I first met Keith I thought he might advise that she should be put down. Instead he showed me how to get her under control, how to communicate with her and how to behave in a way that she understood.

These days she is still a bit of a nervous dog but is rarely a problem. I take her pretty much everywhere I go and she is the perfect companion. She is well behaved, immeasurably calmer, mostly relaxed and overall a complete joy to have around. Keith saved her life but has also taught me, a man who has kept dogs all his life, more about dogs and how to interact with dogs than I would have ever thought possible.

Simon - Rotherham

Chasing chickens was the last straw for our two unruly Australian Shepherd Dogs. I contacted Keith for advice and started attending weekly training classes. Both dogs enjoy the classes and have made great progress. They now respond to commands and are a joy to take out together, no more chasing livestock!

After a few weeks attending the classes I enquired about the Raw Dog Food and was given a weeks supply to try for free. What a difference a raw food diet has made. Both dogs are in better condition both physically and mentally. Their coats glisten!

Thank you for helping to make dog owning enjoyable! Keith's Way Works!

Cathryn Jennings, Clayton West, Huddersfield

For several years we have recommended Keith to many of our clients for a variety of canine behavioural problems as well as general training. We also recommend the feeding of Raw Food for a number of clinical conditions with positive results.

Holme Veterniary Centre, Honley, Huddersfield