It's 40 years since I attended my first dog training class, and over 35 years since I began helping other dog owners with their dogs.

I've seen a lot of changes in that time, not only in the way people treat their dogs but also in the methods and advice used by other professionals.

My knowledge and philosophies are based on 35 years of helping dog owners listening to their feedback and seeing the results in their dogs.

I do what has worked for 35 years, and that has much more to do with understanding the relationship between people and their dogs and how much the owners behavior influences their dogs behaviour.

Dogs are by nature pack animals and live by simple rules.

My job is to explain these rules and teach the owners (not the dogs) how to develop a relationship that both owner and dog are looking for.

Today with over 10 classes and around a 100 dogs a week attending the numbers speaks for themselves.

Come and join me and together we can work at getting you a dog to be proud of.